[Technical Progress]

In-depth research on the sidechain mechanism.

Samos Exchange is in development.

Proof-of-Storage support for the client is in development.

Nebula-provider version 1.0 function development is now completed, began to enter the internal testing phase

Becoming a Samos node is much easier now. The public IP will no longer be a constraint. The Natio distributed encrypted storage network will usher in the joining of a new batch of storage nodes;

In addition, the storage proof algorithm has been fully implemented to the provider program. This provides stronger technical support to ensure the actual capability of storage nodes and better technical support for the upcoming Samos Me storage space client.

[Product Progress]

More "Samos Flow" details were added, such as chain reform

Samos Me client design is now completed and has entered the interface optimisation stage.

Natio storage brand competitor analysis is underway

"Samos-Natio White Paper" standard version is coming soon

[Business Progress]

External consultation, commercial promotion, etc.

[Community Progress]

We now have a Chinese telegraph group, with more than 10k group members!

The community is collecting storage brand Natio slogan, with a lively discussion.




开发客户端对于存储证明功能的支持 nebula-provider 1.0版功能开发完成,开始进入内部测试阶段

随着该功能的完善,成为Samos存储节点的门槛将进一步降低,公网IP将不再是限制条件,Natio分布式加密存储网络将迎来新的一批存储节点的加入;此外,存储证明算法已完全应用于provider程序中,为检测节点的真实性提供了强有力的技术支持,也为即将推出的Samos Me存储空间客户端提供了更强劲的技术保障


「Samos Flow」新增链改等细节内容

Samos Me客户端设计工作完成,已经入界面优化阶段







社群内部征集存储品牌Natio slogan,反响强烈

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