Distribution Plan of SAMO

Samos is a blockchain based service network which enables businesses to adapt to the blockchain world.

Our token is named SAMO which its primary use is for proof of work within the Samos networking. SAMO is not for sale.

It will be distributed to everyone who contributed to the Samos community and provides services to the Samos service network.

Distribution Plan

The max supply of SAMO is 300M and no additional mechanism. We use “InitialUnlockedCount” to control the distribution of SAMO at the beginning.

The InitialUnlockedCount(40 addresses) will be unlocked by default. Tokens from these 40 addresses will be ready for initial tokens distribution and Samos Storage Service.

The total 300M SAMO will be distributed in not less than 14 years.

The distribution principle will be adjusted accordingly with the development of the entire Samos service network.

Warning & Legal

SAMO is a token, if it was listed on an exchange, its market price might fall or raise, and there is no guarantee of its value. By trading SAMO, you are aware that the risk in trading is high and there is a risk that you may lose your investment.

You are responsible for ensuring if you use SAMO that the holding, dealing or usage of a token is legal in your country.

You must make sure to protect your wallet, and you are responsible for ensuring you have copies of the SAMO wallet seeds as a backup. SAMO is not responsible if you lose your wallet or password.

If you use the SAMO product (wallet & services) you are aware of the risk and regulation and agree that the developers, owners, partners are not responsible should you:

  • Lose your SAMO
  • Lose funds in trading
  • Forget your password
  • Send incorrect amounts of SAMO
  • Use an invalid address and lose SAMO
  • Suffer from hardware failure on your system and lose data, SAMO or anything else on that system
  • Use SAMO illegally in your country or location you reside
  • You also agree NOT to use SAMO for any illegal purposes

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