Progress in Product Development 

Storage System:

Design and partially implement an anti-cheating mechanism; utilizing the traffic statistics system We have complete the selection of package publishing tool, the packager development is now completed, and one-click packaging has been implemented;


Sort out and review the nebula client error format and return with a specific error code under the blockchain;

Research on the Dpos implementation principle and started coding based on timing and whitelisting.

Our research on the public chain will adopt the method of evm extracted from Ethereum.

Certificate product design has been completed.

Dpos consensus algorithm variant is in the process of research;

Multi-currency wallet app (Android): User interface further optimized;  added a welcome page.

Multi-currency wallet app (iOS) has finished testing and we are getting everything prepared before launching.

New Samos official website has been launched. We are optimizing the existing pages: home page, FAQ page, updates page, download page and will launch new pages in a pipeline

Second round of SAMOdrop is live at

Progress in Technical Development

We propose a blueprint of building a standardized technical alliance called PADIN (Portable AI-Driven Infrustrual Networks) . It aims to unify Portable AI-Driven Infrustrual Networks and standards, redefine software interoperability interfaces to embrace the era of edge computing.

We are planning to launch a one-stop service called "Samos Lab" , It provides: token launching, technical support, platform services, partner services and other services.

Samos Eye is committed to building a media portal channel under the Samos brand, it is currently in the early stages of preparation.

Progress In Community

In response to community members’ needs, two new telegraph communities have been created:

1.Samos Node Channel,

2.Samos Trading Channel

We have appointed two new community managers in Samos Node Channel to provide further support to members in the European time zone.

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