[Technical Progress]

The PBFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) module in the DPOS-PBFT consensus algorithm was developed and a tested under a 3 Block-markers network setting.

Completion of the debugging and repair of the new consensus algorithm.

China's tracker server layout enters the testing phase, and in-depth study of the principle of cockroachdb document breaks through the underlying implementation.

Test of the network delay with a direct connection between Chinese tracker server to the Japanese vultr sever.   Ping function was added to the tracker

Research on the storage proof pseudo-code

Competitor research: This week we focus on "lambda" and "casper"

[Product Progress]

Partner mobile wallet enters debugging and development stage

Adding new function io the The Samos Me Storage application Lite version. It is now entering the GUI optimization phase;

Completion of pogress interface, new space is added, upload or download properties, the uploaded file will continue to send progress messages; Fixing a bug of the client mailbox is verified after the crash; Transfer query jump, detection of file type, icon default, filename detection, non-folder does not switch and no notification show, click to sort by type, etc.; repair button group deletes hidden bug; websocket test is in process

The Samos client has completed the entire product design interpretation.  The designer has completed the overall style and it is scheduled to complete the entire construction period by the end of September. The client plans to add a new one-stop Samos Lab display panel and the Samos landing project display panel: hardware mining machine. Box, a company customized version of the mobile wallet.

Official Samos Node Project website layout was completed

[Business Progress]

Contact potential partners for customizing mobile wallet business

The first version of commercial PPT was completed.

Storage service, two customized solutions provided to customers on file synchronisation schemes for their needs

Samos storage branding work is in progress, and it is planned to hire an external public relations company to draft a branding solution.

External cooperation and communication is on-going.

[Community Progress]

The Beijing team has established regulations for the overseas community managers. This provides a clear community management direction and transparentizing payment settlement.

The Samos Airdrop is LIVE!











Samos Me存储简版应用程序新增功能正在进程中,进入GUI优化阶段;

进度接口完善,新增空间,上传还是下载属性,已上传文件继续发送进度消息;客户端邮箱验证后崩溃bug修复;完成转账查询跳转、文件类型判断 、Icon图标默认、文件名判断 非文件夹不跳转及提示、点击按类型排序等功能的实现;修复按钮组删除后显隐bug;websocket测试进程中

Samos客户端,已完成整个产品设计解读工作,设计师已完成整体风格调研工作,拟定于9月末完成全部工期;客户端规划新增一条龙Samos Lab展示板块、Samos落地项目展示板块:硬件矿机盒子、某公司定制版移动钱包

官网Samos Node Project 页面排版完成











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