[Technical Progress]

Mobile wallet refactoring, add dynamic multi-currency support

Storage white paper reorganizing

Solve cross-compilation client problems and complete cross-compilation environment configuration

Improve the client packager to achieve samos me and wallet combo

Test perfect nebula-provider version 1.0 and release

[Product Progress]

Samos official website home page adds various project introductions

Samos flow revision

Samos mall page, exchange page, wiki page online

Natio official website optimization

Exchange logo design completed

Token Switch logo Design completed

Samos new version of Android mobile terminal released in google play

[Business Progress]

Participate in chain reform activities

[Community Progress]

The community is collecting storage brand Natio slogan, with a lively discussion.





完善客户端打包程序,实现samos me和钱包二合一

测试完善nebula-provider 1.0版,并发布



samos flow改版

samos mall页面、exchange页面、wiki页面上线



Token Switch logo 设计完成

Samos新版安卓移动端发布在google play




社群内部征集存储品牌Natio slogan,反响强烈

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