[Technical Progress]

Implementationthe of the proof of storage (first version) is now completed.

Rock64 based miner machine is under testing.

Rewrite part of the C-based code with Golang to simplify the compilation process.

[Product Progress]

Samos official website optimization, modify the map;

Samos Me client user interface optimization; websocket error prompts are processed in time

[Business Progress]

"Guangxi Dendrobium organic agriculture real economy industry" custom wallet was officially delivered. The wallet is now officially used by the company, and can carry out business such as medicinal liquor purchase. The completion of this customized service once again demonstrates the strong support of blockchain technology for distributed commerce. The tokenized economy is the digital economy of the next generation Internet

In the past 20 years, the internet is full of economy of attention, flux economy, fans economy, etc. The value reconstruction and value creation rate and scale areway beyond the actual internet infrastructure. The tokenized economy is based on the real economy and serves the real economy needs.

Tokenization enlightens and encourages everyone to tokenize our rights certificates, such as tickets, points, contracts, certificates, cards, securities, permissions, qualifications, etc. Then, put them on the blockchain, on trading in the market, let its price to be realized in the market. While it can be consumed in the real life, can be verified. This is something that can be used, andclosely related to the real economy.

In the tokenized economy, cost refers to the handling fee, time and security cost when using token to convert equity. In real life, there is basically no fees for payment, however, there is a fee in the blockchain, which is a hindrance to the real tokenized economy. In order to achievethe tokenized economy, it is necessary to solve this cost problem, including transaction fees, the time cost involved and security when exchanging. If the blockchain project cannot exercise the rights at a low cost, the tokenized economy cannot be realized. With the Samos multi-currency wallet, these difficulties have been completely overcome.

[Community Progress]

Reward guidelines was announced in the main telegraph group.

Namos's storage brand natio logo pre-selection event is launched in the English and Chinese telegraph community.







Samos Me客户端空间列表插入优化;websocket 错误提示得到及时处理








中英电报社群开始Samos旗下存储品牌natio logo预选活动

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