[Technical Progress]

Completion of the details of the proof of storage algorithm.

Android Mobile Wallet released new version 1.2.8

[Product Progress]

Samos multi-currency wallet manual is finished, you can find it on our official website http://samos.io/wallet/ now.

Samos official website added "Samos Encyclopedia" page, you can find provider installation guide from the community, etc.

Added "Samos Distributed Mall" "About PADIN" page to introduce Smaos distributed platform construction plan

Samos distributed business platform release an interesting overview map for interpretation of Samos strategic direction.

Distributed Business Platform and Samos Mall

The Samos Distributed Business Platform is intended to help the development of distributed commerce, and to promote the development of the census economy with practice, thereby expanding the ecological coverage of Samos.

The Samos Distributed Business Platform provides the overall architectural cornerstone of the Natio distributed encrypted storage network incubated by Samos storage technology;

The closed-loop information transmission system of the entire mall is realized by the SDN network to ensure the absolute security of the information and completely isolate any interference from the third party;

The storage space is provided by the external storage node to establish a store booth in the mall;

The distributed technology of the station is provided by the Samos technical team to support the shop owner to arbitrarily select their own style of decoration.

The Samos Payment Gatewaywill be the checkout counter, ensuring that all types of passes can be traded smoothly at Samos Mall.

[Business Progress]

Apply to participate in the chain change node activity

Joined Odaily.com and updating newsletter.

Officially started publishing project updates on the Medium.

[Community Progress]

Providers recruitment even is now run by community administrators spontaneously.

Our WeChat public platform publishes daily articles, introduces project information, and shares industry news.







新增「Samos分布式商城」「About PADIN」页用于介绍Smaos分布式平台建设规划











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