[Technical Progress]

In-depth research on the implementation principles of Bitcoin scripts and P2PKH, resulting in a 12-page technical research report.

Natio client optimizes the storage system download speed. Now users can quickly obtain source files by using erasure code

In the implementation of the storage proof algorithm, the algorithm architecture has been completed; the total calculation is reduced by 60% when compared to the previous version.

[Product Progress]

Samos's storage brand Natio was established:

1.The interface design of the official website of Natio has been completed. It is currently in the front-end implementation and visual image optimization stage.

2.Natio official website information map, copywriting work has completed

3.Natio official website English version is under preparations

4.Begin Natio storage white paper optimization

The Multi-currency mobile wallet has been officially delivered for external testing

Samos official website:

1.Samos Me page starts page prototyping, copywriting editing work. 

2.New pages on Samos official website: Samos Flow page, Samos Node Project page and Project Overview page.We have also begun the internal testing and optimization.

3.Samos official website Chinese version launched.

4.Samos Me page start page prototyping and editing work

3-page adjustments and 15 partial optimizations for the Samos client prototyping framework.

[Business Progress]

Our CEO participates in the POD conference and conducts in-depth discussions and communication with 14 external partners.

Engaged in 6 investors to enter the formal business docking stage

Samos Business Plan slides, Samos Feng Long Technology Project Introduction slides, are completed

The storage brand under the Samos Ecology officially completed named by "Natio"

The weekly report of the project was shared within the community.

[Community Progress]

The number of subscribers increased by 21, and the feedback from members is optimistic about the development of the project.

Twitter and Reddit continue to release the latest developments, bringing a new batch of project followers



natio 客户端优化存储下载速度,采用纠删码方式快速获得源文件



Samos 旗下存储品牌 Natio 成立



Samos官网新增Samos Flow页面、Samos Node Project页面、Project Overview页面







Samos官网Samos Me页面开始页面原型设计、文案编辑工作










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