"PADIN" is the abbreviation of Portable AI-Driven Infrastructural Networks.  It is a future-oriented standardization technology alliance first proposed by Samos. The target is to develop PADIN networks and standards, and define software interoperability interfaces to meet the era of edge computing.
In the upcoming 5G mobile Internet era, mobile and portable device nodes will more then a client end, but also serve as a transit node for the network and a provider node for basic services.
Meanwhile, we are entering the IoT era, nearby storage, nearby computing and encrypted transmission is the essential infrastructure. The PADIN network is undoubtedly the leader in the blockchain industry that has emerged as a result of rapid development.
Samos Distributed Business Platform
This platform provides opportunities for users to transform from consumers to prosumer, as long as they can provide their idle home bandwidth or storage space, contributed together and provide more retail booths (storage space) for the Samos distributed commercial platform. While providing convenience to others, you can get SAMO rewards in real time, and rewards can be used to purchase virtual goods sold in the platform.
This will link the supply to the demand side closely, encourage the majority of participants to provide services. Which allows spontaneously participates in the construction process of the Samos distributed commercial platform, which greatly stimulates the circulation of SAMO.
Thanks for the strong technical support of the Samos payment gateway, the platform generally welcomes other tokens to enter and trade. In addition to the construction of the distributed mall, the Samos technical team has already developed our own, completed blockchain technology. It can provide a complete blockchain service from source to post-maintenance for any industry that intends to carry out chain reform and currency reform .
Distributed encryption storage network - Natio
Through our storage node recruitment event, Natio now have storage nodes all over the world.
Combining with the strong technical support of the Samos technical team, we have built a SDN encrypted transmission network.
Natio distributed encryption storage network has effectively met the needs of users for privacy security and large storage space.
Commercial products derived from Natio distributed encrypted storage networks including: "Samos Me" encrypted storage client (completed, under internal testing) Certificate application client (under development) Home-type NAS Sames mining machine (in the mass production stage, per-order around October) Portable Samos drive unit (under development)

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