Samos overview
Samos Me
We build our distributed storage system and stores the data on nodes all over the world with advanced encryption standard.
Samos Me is the lite client of our encrypted storage service.
With Samos Me, client can access their data easily anywhere, any time.
Samos overview
Samos Authentication
In combination with the advantages of blockchain and storage technology:
This non-tamperable feature provides us with a reliable way to authenticate electronic data for smart contracts implementation and applications in the Samos network.
Samos overview
Samos Flow
Everyone in the industry knew that the blockchain will be the next revolutionary technology which will be applicable to many fields.
However, the biggest concern is: "Blockchain is cool. But how do we use it?"
In Samos Flow, we provide a blockchain-based complete solution for from technical support to service delivery.
Samos overview
Samos BlockChain
The backbone of Samos network composed by advanced consensus algorithm.
Lightning-fast transaction without transaction fee.
Customising your independent side chain to fit any special needs with a low-running cost.
Samos overview
Samos Multi-Scenario appcation
We know that we are still in an early stage in the development of blockchain. It can be difficult for the client to decide which one to adopt.
For different technology needs of the industry, Samos provides multi-scenario application fulfil client needs.

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