Samos Core

Han Youhong

Founder & CEO

Graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, majoring in computer science. In 2009, he led the research and development of Sina mailbox transfer station products, and participated in the construction of hundreds of millions of users' distributed storage platforms; In 2013, established a game platform, and then purchased by ChangYou; In 2015, he joined Neutron Star Finance as chief architect, and participated in internet finance entrepreneurship; In 2017, started Samos blockchain project, worked on the Ethereum mining pool, developed the exchange; Started Samos distributed encryption storage development work; In 2018,  Feng Long Technology was established in Beijing, and the team is growing.


Mackie Zhang


Senior content strategist.Brand planning for fast-moving consumer goods industry, art industry, media industry, etc.

Li Sen


Neutron Star Finance Co-founder and CTO. Blockchain and digital currency investors

Duan Wenqi


“Star VC” Vice President

Yueh Te Liu


Taiwan Golden Melody Award winner. She has rich experience in cultural and creative industry planning and execution in the Asia Pacific region.

Samos Core

Li Jiangtao


Senior technical expert, good at advertising big data, distributed storage

Wang Kai

System Architect

25 years of R&D experience; Rich experience in software and hardware project management

Huang Yuyu

Hardware Engineer

Specializing in modular development, reverse analysis, service cluster framework development and reserve technology research, etc.


Blockchain Technical Engineer

Senior network acceleration and blockchain experts. Expertise in big data, high concurrency and related problem-solving.

Yin Dechun

AI Algorithm Engineer

Ph.D. in Computer Science, AI Algorithm Engineer. Engaged in the design of large-scale distributed systems such as information retrieval and machine translation. He has in-depth research and technical achievements in the grammar analysis of Chinese.

Wang Yaochen

Visual Designer

WeChat stickers public platform China area artist


Consensus Algorithm Engineer

Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics. Consensus algorithm expert, research interest in topology and data analysis.

Li Minghao

Junior Analyst

Set theory researcher


Brand Operation Manager

Senior Operations officer

He Songtao


an experienced front-end developer and blockchain enthusiast

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